Facility management

Facilitating the transition to electric mobility

Volt Up connect

Keeping control with Volt Up connect


Very flexible solutions

Volt up has chosen to offer highly modular professional equipment.

Parking permettant la recharge de véhiculesélectriques sur un lieu de travail

Scalable solutions

The evolution of your parking lot and its management adapts to changes in mobility in your company.

Rights and access management

Guests, customers, employees: access management remains simple and allows you to keep control.

A few advices


Information to optimize your installation

All of our clients’ projects are different. But our experience and that of our partners are valuable resources for you.

The adoption of low-carbon mobility by a growing number of businesses and individuals is now making it necessary to consider the associated equipment.

What fleet of recharging points should be installed?

What costs are associated with this fleet?

How can it be upgraded?

We can help you answer these questions according to the specificities of the sites you need to equip.

Recharging guides, as well as training in the use of charging electric vehicles are available. In French and English.

In addition, Volt Up has set up packaged commercial solutions to enable company employees to acquire INCH HOME equipment at home.

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